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Management Courses After 12th: High Salary and Scope

Management courses after the 12th can be a confusing process with many options. So we have gathered some prominent options you can go for. The courses listed in order below will ensure that you find long-term success. By securing a high-paying job. We’ve made this guide for you to help you decide what course is best for you.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)



Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year full-time degree course. It is offered by business schools, known as colleges in India. As the name suggests, it is a professional degree that gives knowledge about the basics of business administration and management. 

BBA course makes students proficient in all aspects of management. It allows them to learn different aspects of business administration, such as marketing, finance, human resources, etc. This course prepares students for entry-level positions in both public and private sector organizations. It helps them develop skills required for preparing for higher studies like MBA or PGDM, which are commonly known as postgraduate diploma courses.

BBA courses are offered at various levels depending on their duration and the number of credits required for completion of these courses:

1 Year BBA: These programs provide basic knowledge about various aspects of business administration like finance, accounting, marketing etc. 2 Year BBA: These programs provide an opportunity to gain advanced knowledge about every aspect of business administration mentioned above along with specialization in any stream mentioned above. 3 Year BBA: These programs provide an opportunity to gain advanced knowledge

Softvision College is among the best BBA colleges in Indore, with 21+ plus years of providing quality education with an updated curriculum for students.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)



Bachelor of Commerce is a 3-year degree course which provides students with a better knowledge of the working of business organizations, the need for management skills and decision-making in several fields of management. In addition, it also covers the basic principles of accounting and finance. So it’s easy for students to apply these concepts in their day to day professional life. 

The course includes subjects like accounting, financial management, marketing and taxation, etc. The course also includes a practical experience where students visit companies for field training and experience. To have a better understanding of how things work in real life as opposed to just learning about them in theory.

Softvision College is among the Top Colleges in Indore, which provides its students with all the resources to get hands-on live projects and industry internships and experience for better exposure.

Integrated MBA (BBA+MBA)



The integrated MBA course includes basic modules’ management, financial accounting and HR management. A student can also specialize in any of the areas mentioned above. The curriculum covers multiple areas, such as economics, accounting, finance, marketing and human resources management. 

Students may also choose specializations like finance, marketing, or human resources. Besides classroom learning, students also gain practical exposure through internships and industrial visits.

It also offers an excellent opportunity for those who aspire to become entrepreneurs or start up their own ventures.



In a country like India, where the economy is growing at a fast pace and companies are hiring like anything. Having a Management degree like BBA from top colleges in Indore will help in boosting your career. 

Softvision Group is a well-renowned education consortium, helping countless students to build up their careers in their respective fields through excellent education and an industry-oriented curriculum.

Softvision college has a world-class framework and highly skilled professors with excellent teaching methods and hands-on experience in their respective fields.

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