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Biotechnology (B.Sc.)​

Biotechnology (B.Sc.)​

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Combinations To Choose From

  • Bio-Technology + Life Sciences + Chemistry
  • Bio-Technology + Computer Science + Chemistry
  • Bio-Technology + Pharmaceutical Chemistry + Chemistry
  • Bio-Technology + Bio-Informatics + Chemistry

Bio-technology is globally recognized as a rapidly emerging and wide reaching technology and is aptly named as the “Technology of Hope“. Bio-technology is an engine that will deliver the next wave of technological boost to Bio-sciences, which will be even more radical and pervasive than that brought about by IT.

Bio-technology is an applied science aimed at harnessing the natural biological capabilities of microbial plant and animal cells for the benefit of mankind. Bio-technology couples scientific and engineering principles with commercial aspects to develop and improve products and processes made from living systems. Recent advancements in the field of Genomics, Genetic Engineering, Recombinant DNA Technology, Drug Design, Stem Cell Research, DNA Sequencing and Tissue Culture etc have been made possible by use of bio-technology. There are, hence, vast opportunities in this field.

We inspire our B.Sc (Bio-technology)) students to learn Science by a ‘Research Based Approach’. Our vibrant faculty designs innovative research projects and drives students to explore new horizons of innovation by offering our students a wide range of projects in Bio-technology.

Course Attributes

1st Year -

Paper 1 - Cell Structure and Biology Paper 2 – Microbiology

2nd Year -

Paper 1 - Biophysics and Biochemistry Paper 2 – Bioinstrumentation, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

3rd Year -

Paper 1 – Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering Paper 2 – Applied Biotechnology

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