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Biotechnology (M.Sc.)

Biotechnology (M.Sc.)

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The use of biology to develop technologies and products for the development of society and life of human beings is known as Biotechnology. It has multifarious applications in widely separate fields such as Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Processed Food, Waste Management, Energy Production, Genetically Modified Crops etc. 

The use of Green Biotechnology has immensely contributed towards the growth in agriculture. Genetically modified crops are formed by manipulation of DNA to introduce new traits into the crops. These manipulations are done to introduce traits such as pest resistance, insect resistance, weed resistance etc.

The use of Medicinal Biotechnology has helped in formation of genetically modified insulin known as Humulin N which helps in treatment of large number of diabetes patients. Biotechnology has given rise to a technique known as gene therapy which is a technique to remove genetic defect in embryo or child. This technique involves transfer of a normal gene that works over non-functional gene. It helps in disease diagnosis by various techniques such as ELISAPCR etc. ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay).

The possibilities in this field are immense. It however requires a student to be research oriented and willing to accept setbacks. Our ‘Research Based Approach’ by experienced and vibrant faculty designs innovative research projects and drives students to explore horizons of innovation. We offer our Students a wide Range of projects areas in Biotechnology.

Course Attributes

1st Sem -

Managerial skills, Fundamentals of Management, Economics-1, Basic Accounting, Hindi, Information Technology.

2nd Sem -

Business communication, Human Resource Management, Economics-II, Financial Management, English, Management Information System.

3nd Sem -

Marketing Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Environment, Business Costing, Operations Management, Business statistics.

4th Sem -

Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management, International Business, Indian Legal System (ILS) for Business, Management Accounting, Operations Research.

5th Sem -

Customer Relationship Management, Research Methodology, Indian Financial System, Project Management, Advertisement & Brand Management (M), Sales & Distribution Management (M), Banking & Insurance (F), Working Capital Management (F), Human Resource Development (HR), Industrial Relations (HR).

6th Sem -

Total Quality Management, Retail Management, Strategic Management, Indian Ethos in Management, Marketing of Services (M), Consumer Behaviour (M), Merchant Banking and Financial Services (F), International Finance (F), Performance Management (HR), Leadership Skills and Change Management (HR)

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