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Microbiology (M.Sc.)

Microbiology (M.Sc.)

There is no field whether industry or agriculture, food or shelter, conservation of human or animal health, combating with diseases, where microbes do not play any role. Actually these microbes often play a dominant role in regulation of human health.

“Micro” means small & Biology means the study of life. Hence Microbiology is the study of microbes which includes bacteria, virus, fungi, protozoa, helminthes etc. Since they directly or indirectly affect our health, food, agriculture, environment and industrial development, it is evident that they are omnipresent. Microbiology is a multidimensional field comprising of bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitological and many other branches.

Amongst the various fields of Biosciences, Microbiology has achieved a important stature. Microorganisms & their activities have increasingly been the concern of research for the benefit of both society and the world.

We inspire our M.Sc.(Microbiology) students to learn Science by a ‘Research Based Approach’. Our vibrant faculty designs innovative research projects and drives students to explore new horizons of innovation by offering our students a wide range of projects in Microbiology.

Course Attributes

Semester 1

Paper 1. Bacteriology Paper 2. Virology, Mycology and Phycology Paper 3. Immunology Paper4. Microbial Biochemistry

Semester 2

Paper 1. Microbial Genetics Paper 2. Microbial Physiology Paper 3. Instrumentation Paper4. Bioprocess Technology

Semester 3

Paper 1. Molecular Microbiology and Genetic Engineering Paper 2. Medical Microbiology Paper 3. Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Paper 4. Applied Microbiology

Semester 4

Paper 1. Pharmaceutical Microbiology Paper 2. Food & Dairy Microbiology Paper 3. Environmental Microbiology and Phytopathology Paper 4. Bionanotechnology and Stem cell technology

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