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Pharmaceutical Chemistry (B.Sc.)

Pharmaceutical Chemistry (B.Sc.)

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Combination: Pharmaceutical Chemistry + Chemistry + Bio-Technology

Pharmaceutical Chemistry deals with the interaction of drugs inside the living systems. Pharmacological action of drugs, Biotransformation of drugs, and toxicity of other xenobiotics Is covered under Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Pharmaceutical Chemistry not only deals with various processes related to drugs but also focuses on discovery, design and optimization of drugs, as also the development of devices required to monitor their synthesis on large scale.

Being an emerging and high-tech field of medicine & pharmaceuticals, the number of chemists selected by top pharmaceutical companies from the field of pharmaceutical chemistry is very high.

In India, more than 1000 Pharmaceutical Companies are seeking enthusiastic & research oriented candidates and offer rewarding positions with high salaries. It is hence a field with huge potential. 

We inspire our B.Sc.(Pharmaceutical Chemistry) students to learn Science by a ‘Research Based Approach’. Our vibrant faculty designs innovative research projects and drives students to explore new horizons of innovation by offering our students a wide range of projects in Pharmaceuticals.

Course Attributes

1st Year -

Paper 1 – Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Paper 2 – Inorganic & Pharmaceutical Analysis

2nd Year -

Paper 1 - Medicinal Chemistry-1 Paper 2 – Chemistry of Natural products

3rd Year -

Paper 1 – Medicinal Chemistry-2 Paper 2 – Instrumental Analysis

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