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BBA (Finance/ Marketing/ Human Resources)

A management degree from a best institute prepares a manager to understand every feature that makes up the business and to make various decisions at all management levels. It also makes sure that managers are competent to take the right decisions for the business in times of crisis and uncertainty or even better predict future crises. Knowing how the functions of the business are affected by external environment changes also help to prevent damage to the business financially.

In today’s constantly evolving economy, courses in management studies are important because without possessing the skills needed to compete with competitors and deal with internal and external environment challenges, it is easier to fail than succeed. Managers who aim to ensure that they are leading their staff to the best of their abilities should take up courses in management studies that lead to a management degree and thereby improve their current managerial and interpersonal skills.

A management degree from the best college provides managers the opportunity to improve the competitiveness of their business by providing them with skills and traits that will add as an advantage to their career. Management skills are not only useful in the business environment but also on a day-to-day basis. Management colleges or institutes not only teach students to deal with changes in the business environment but also help them to manipulate these changes to benefit the business. The importance of a management degree whether BBA or MBA cannot be stressed enough. In a struggling economy, organizations need good leadership or else they will most likely fail in their ventures.

Hence, there are a lot of advantages of studying Management courses. A person who is interested in leading an organization and manage people should be aware of management courses and go for a BBA degree after 12th or MBA degree after graduation to secure a better future for them.

BBA is a 3 year management degree which is gaining momentum among colleges and management Institutes across the world. One of the reasonsis that a management degree opens up vast career opportunities and hence candidates are choosing management courses. BBA degree from a top college provides a lot of opportunities to students who strive for a shining future weather it is entrepreneurship or to become a top notch managers in their field. Working as a manager is a challenging and exciting career that can be lucrative as one works their way up.

BBA students are well suited for end number of jobs and responsibilities in today’s market and it provides excellent platform for post graduate management courses.

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Course Attributes

1st Sem -

Managerial skills, Fundamentals of Management, Economics-1, Basic Accounting, Hindi, Information Technology.

2nd Sem -

Business communication, Human Resource Management, Economics-II, Financial Management, English, Management Information System.

3nd Sem -

Marketing Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Environment, Business Costing, Operations Management, Business statistics.

4th Sem -

Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management, International Business, Indian Legal System (ILS) for Business, Management Accounting, Operations Research.

5th Sem -

Customer Relationship Management, Research Methodology, Indian Financial System, Project Management, Advertisement & Brand Management (M), Sales & Distribution Management (M), Banking & Insurance (F), Working Capital Management (F), Human Resource Development (HR), Industrial Relations (HR).

6th Sem -

Total Quality Management, Retail Management, Strategic Management, Indian Ethos in Management, Marketing of Services (M), Consumer Behaviour (M), Merchant Banking and Financial Services (F), International Finance (F), Performance Management (HR), Leadership Skills and Change Management (HR)

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