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Computer Science (B.Sc.)

India has seen many revolutions in the field of developments. Agricultural revolution, Management & Industrial revolution & biggest of them is the computer revolution. According to current report Indian software industry is set to achieve a turnover of $ 150 Billion by 2015. Internet has affected all the aspects of or life it has created tremendous scope in the fields of our day to day life. IT professionals from India are known all over the world as super brains. India has become Back Office to the world and is now the World's Knowledge Bank.


A computer is the core of day to day activity of human life. It has wide ranging applications from normal accountancy to different applications such as advance computer controlled vehicles, rockets and missiles regulated by computer, Space programming, Defense programmes, research related to Pharmaceutical drugs, Robotics, Telecommunications and the list is endless. Super computers forecast results of atomic explosions without conducting one. Through this technology we are alarmed for natural calamities and breakthrough scientific researches. 


Subjects You Study


Physics, Maths, Computer Science, Digital Computer Organizations, CONM, Internet Web, Technology, DBMS & RDBMS 

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